Inspiration is everywhere….


I really have not thought about writing a children’s book.  However, a few instances recently have me thinking in that direction.  Watching my granddaughter the other night on her rocking horse inspired me with a story.

I ask myself all the time, where do these ideas come from? 

I guess I just don’t give myself enough credit, but I believe they are planted in my brain by aliens.  Just kidding!  I wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Anywho, I’m playing around with the outline and title.  I’m sort of leaning towards “Lizzie and her magical purple rocking horse”

What cha think?



4 thoughts on “Inspiration is everywhere….

  1. Reason #42 about why I write:
    I am NEVER 100% Absolutely Sure about anything!
    The older I get, the worse it gets. Maybe I should write about memory loss…
    What was the question?

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