I’m a research-aholic…..

I love research.  Some of you are probably too young to remember doing research at the library.  Research today is a snap.  However, I have to be careful at times.  If not careful, I can get bogged down in research and spend too much time digging, instead of writing.  Having a love for both is a blessing and a curse.

I have decided to start a timer when I’m doing research.  I will only allow myself a certain block of time in my morning for this part of my day.

In fact, I think I will try it for other things as well.  Being a wife, writer, mother, grandmother is a full plate.  Throw in the trips to the gym for exercise and your day is gone before you know it.

That is another reason my blogs are so short.  I know you do not have a lot of time either.  So, any short tidbits, words of wisdom, whateveryouwanttocallit, is what you will find in my blogs. I try to make things simple and get straight to the point.

Having said that, my timer is buzzing and I must move on.  I have to tweet, Facebook, and check emails before starting dinner.




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