Why do you write?

I came across a discussion board the other day and one of the posts has stuck with me.

So, I must speak about it.  A young woman commented that she couldn’t wait to get published, get lots of money and mentioned all the material things she would buy.

I wanted so bad to respond, but I didn’t.  I could have given her some motherly advice, but decided it was not my job.

IMHO, if a person is writing just for fame, money, glory, they are writing for the wrong reasons.

If a person does not have that drive, that passion, something in them that forces them to spill their guts in a way they never thought possible….they may be writing for the wrong reason.

I have “this thing” in me that makes me do what I do.  If I can inspire one person, it has all been worthwhile.  Sounds cliche, and I never really agreed with that statement about anything before..

but, there it is…..

Write to inspire, write for your sanity, write because you have the desire……

Ok, just had to get this out there.  I will get off the soapbox now.

Keep writing!



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