True Story….

This morning I was reviewing an old poem I wrote, trying to decide if I would include it in my collection.  It was a very emotional piece because it was about a boy I went to school with many years ago.  Something went wrong in his life and he brutally raped and killed a young mother of two small children.

I decided to try and research his name and I found a court document concerning his case….

W-O-W…..I knew some of the details, but not all of them.  I never knew that much about him and we lost touch after high school.  The document said he had suffered for years with mental illness and he was a paranoid schizophrenic.  He claimed to have an imaginary friend who told him to do bad things.

Not sure if I will include this poem.  It was so upsetting to me then, and it still is now.

Hope your Monday is better than mine has been!


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