I have been a writer all my life.  It has only been a year or so since I made the decision to share my work with the world.

I absolutely love creating characters with quirky personality traits.  I love to research.  At times I get lost in learning new things by my research.  I have decided to put a time limit on this activity, otherwise I would never get any writing done.

I was interviewed a while back and had to laugh when the interviewer said that my passion for reading and writing was only surpassed by my love for chocolate.  She nailed it.

I enjoy entertaining you with my stories.  I want to make you feel it….the joy, the sadness….every emotion that we experience on a daily basis.

I like to spend time with family and close friends.  I like to travel.  The mountains in the Tennessee area is one of my favorite places to visit.

My husband is my best friend.  My daughter is my biggest fan and source of encouragement.  My son’s humor has helped me through some rough times.

One of the biggest hurdles I deal with daily are my ADD tendencies.  I am thankful that my husband understands.

Lastly, I give all the credit for my work to the grace of God.  He gives me the talent to do what I do…

And I love what I do!

More to come later, I am out of time.



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