Exciting news!

Well for me it is.  I just won a FIRST place ribbon for one of my poems!

I sometimes doubt my writing ability, it’s nice to get such good feedback.

Keep writing!  If that is your dream, make it happen!




Love getting positive feedback….

I just joined allpoetry.com and submitted a few poems for review.  I like that the comments are honest and encouraging.  Makes me want to keep at it.

I don’t think you have to be a member if just want to read the poetry.  You can take a look here:



Happy Humpday!


Excerpt from the book I am currently working on…

This is part of a letter I wrote to my children, many years ago:



Alison & Steve –
Seems like its been a while since I’ve written to ya’ll. It’s been almost 6 months since we lost daddy. I miss him so much. I try not to let it show too much because I don’t want to get ya’ll upset too. He was not just my husband but also my best friend. Your daddy always took up for me. He was so great. It hurts so much sometimes when I realize that we will never have what we had, again. I know in heaven we will all be together again but I still miss him. He was a very special person. Ya’ll brought him so much happiness. He was very happy. He liked being a daddy. He wanted to teach ya’ll so many things. We used to talk about growing old together and raising ya’ll to be good people.


It’s been fun reliving some of the memories, but upsetting at others.  I hope this book will inspire people.  We went through a lot of bad stuff, but it does get better!  There is always hope.

Have a great weekend, friends


Kids say the darndest things….

As I was typing a page for my next book, I came across something I wrote in 1988.  My daughter was 7 years old at the time. 

I had prepared a crawfish stew for supper one night and she said the tails looked like baby butts, LOL

After that moment, she referred to crawfish tails as “crawfish booties”.

I know this may not be funny or precious to anyone but me, but it’s moments like that when I wish I could travel back in time, just for a few days and relive those moments.

It’s hump day, peeps, have a good one!


My next book…

is going to be a compilation of letters I wrote to my kids while they were growing up.  These letters scan back for several decades.  I also have letters I wrote to my first husband after he passed away.  That was a hard time in our lives and I really need to put it in a book now. 

It’s fun recalling some of the things that happened way back when….and heartbreaking as well.  I feel for the young woman I was and want to assure her that things will be okay.

I hope the end result will be worth your reading.


Two books sold so far!

Two good reviews as well.  It’s a start…encourages me to keep writing anyway.

Thank you, thank you!

Would like to announce that my first book is now available at Amazon! You can click the link below to get there.



Also, remember you do not need a Kindle to read this book. You can download the FREE reader here:


Hope you enjoy!

As time draws near…..

As I approach the deadline I gave myself, I am feeling a bit more anxiety. 

What if people don’t like my poetry?  What if…..I worry too much about any negative feedback I might receive.  I guess we all go through this.

It won’t stop me from trying, though.  I will keep plugging away because I have to.  I have to get these feelings and ideas out of my head!

It’s Monday folks, made it a good one.